Group Class - Pelvic Health Yoga for Woman

By Bee There or Bee Square Yoga


Are you experiencing one or multiple symptoms:

- hip pain
- pelvic floor pain
- low back pain
- urinary incontinence

Have you seen a pelvic health physiotherapist and they advise to do some yoga?

Maybe it hurts when you get out of bed or the car, rolling over or squatting to pick up something.

It doesn’t only affect pregnant women or older ones, all of us can suffer from pelvic and hip pain at some point in our life.

Are you experiencing urinary incontinence? Maybe when you sneeze, cough, lift things, jump around.

I am studying the woman pelvic floor and how yoga can help. By changing the way you move or by rebuilding certain parts of your body the symptoms can be reduced.

Come learn in a gentle practice, build some strength in a safe way and reduce some symptoms.

Come enjoy a safe space to share your experience, maybe a laugh or two (we all have stories).

You don't have to be alone! Come discover a beautiful community and some yoga to help strengthen your pelvic floor, hips, back and core (not the 6 pack!).

I will teach some simple exercises and movement to help in your daily life to reduce pelvic and hip pain.

This class is made if you experience:
- tight muscles
- lose pelvic floor strength
- stress incontinence

Given that Covid-19 rules vary from province to province and state to state, you have the option to search for classes that require a mask or mask optional.  You can also search for classes that are offered online only (Live On-Line)