Our Story. Your Movement 

I hated yoga…



The first time I tried yoga, it was okay.  I had no idea which class I was in, I just showed up at my local studio and registered for whatever class was being offered at that time. 


I was never a big cardio-style exercise person, and despite slippery hands, the class seemed better than one filled with jumping jacks, so I thought I'd give it a try again.  


To my surprise, the next time I showed up to a class it was completely different - a Hot Yoga class - and I HATED IT. 


I debated sticking it through, but eventually decided to walk out. Afterall, what was the point of torturing myself?  Unfortunately, my friend (and driver) was committed to finishing, so I had to stick around. 


Another class was about to start in the adjacent room, the receptionist told me it was different – so rather than twiddle my thumbs while waiting for my ride, I decided to try it - and thank goodness I did - I FELL IN LOVE! 





Did you know Yoga was so much more than fitness?


I had never felt more relaxed, more in tune with myself, clearer or focused than I did after stumbling into that class.  The experience was far better than any spa day I've experienced. Restorative yoga quickly became my happy place. It was as they say, transformational. 


Going into that yoga studio, I didn't understand how vast yoga was. I certainly didn’t expect to relax and enjoy what I was doing.  My expectation was that yoga was yoga; a place to keep your body fit and look good doing it!  


Wow, was I wrong. 



Rejecting Information Overload



I felt silly that I didn't know anything about yoga. I had assumed it was just a cardio style technique - like the days of step class, spinning etc.…


As a new student, I was left to research and learn a whole new world on my own.  There was so much information, it wasn't well organized, and the use of Sanskrit was intimidating.


I was curious. I wanted to know what else I was missing out on but the prospect of all that work was overwhelming, and I couldn’t seem to find tools or resources to help me simplify things.  I was caught between wanting to experience more but not knowing how to go about it. 


So, I had a choice: 


  1. Stick with restorative and ignore that there may be something even better out there for me or


  1. Spend hours researching – a task I didn’t want to partake in or


  1. Fix the issue. Make life easier for students – help them find a way to easily identify which class they should be taking – in English – with no overwhelm





Time to Take Charge and Transform the Industry 



With that intention in mind, I developed an Airbnb approach to yoga classes. Students don't have to figure anything out. They are not presented with a confusing foreign language or styles they've never heard of. 



It's a technology-focused, needs/intention-based, non-Sanskrit approach to yoga. 


No more information overload. No need to research. With a few simple clicks of a mouse, you will be able to identify what you need most from your yoga practice, then get matched to a class and schedule it! And with many classes offered online, you are no longer constrained to limited availability within your local studio teaches. 


But that's not all! 


While most yoga classes include some sort of personal intention setting, many scientific and anecdotal studies show that Group Intention is up to 10X more powerful! 


Group intention amplifies results, elevating you to the next level. It deepens your connection and awakens your power to manifest miracles from within.  It is backed by science yet delivers profound and miraculous results. It is Purple Poppy’s forward-thinking approach to help you uplift your yoga practice, resulting in a more profound, impactful, and therapeutic experience.  



Specific, Easy to Find, Clearly Communicated Classes with Group intention – a Winning Formula for up to 10X Greater Results!



If you are ready to: 


Be matched to a class that is focused on delivering very focused and specific results

Be Taught by an experienced, independent yogi of your choice and

Amp up your results with Shared Group Intention

All while using a feature-rich, technology platform that lets you book, cancel, and reschedule with ease, creates wish lists, leaves reviews, receives loyalty rewards, pays with any currency, and offers classes across all time zones.


Then book a class at Purple Poppy Today! 


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